Slytherins, don’t be offended - this is Harry’s point of view. We all know really that all the houses are brilliant in their owns ways! :D

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Hufflepuff Extras taking a break from work, as seen in When Harry Left Hogwarts.

Anonymous: I hate when people say we are useless. Next time someone tell me something like that I'll tell J.K., then she'll hate you forever, 'cause she's a Hufflepuff u_u

I seriously doubt JK Rowling is the kind of person who would “hate someone forever” because they said one bad thing about Hufflepuff. She’s better than that.

Also, as much as I would love to claim Jo as one of us, the fact she got Hufflepuff on a fansite’s sorting quiz doesn’t mean she’s actually a Hufflepuff. She definitely has Hufflepuff qualities though - nobody could deny she’s hard-working and determined!

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Cedric Diggory ยป requested by thegrey-lady

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This is so super.

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gonna buy myself a badger beanie from H&M

Reblogging for that fabulous gif!

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the sorting hat โ†’ hufflepuff

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โ€œWe don't shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends, and our families against all-comers. Nobody intimidates us.โ€

Welcome to FuckYeahHufflepuff! Dispelling myths and stereotypes, admiring our fellow 'Puffs, and having midnight feasts in the common room are what we do best. From Zacharias Smith to Cedric Diggory, this tumblr is here to celebrate a house as diverse as Tonks' hair colours!

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