Hufflepuff Student Girl by Cosplay Vanne
Professor Snape by the Librarian
Photo by Lara Sati 2014, Germany

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25May 6th

Meanwhile at #hufflepuff…

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28May 5th

Hufflpeuff selfie& 
Submitted by Vanne

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I found this on youtube and immediately started looking for Hufflepuff blogs. :)

Title: “Sorted This Way”

Created By: notliterally

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Hufflepuff win the Fourth Pottermore House Cup!

This is the first House Cup win for Hufflepuff, with the previous winners being twice Slytherin and once Gryffindor. It is also the first time Hufflepuff have come in a position higher than third. For their win, Hufflepuffs will be able to view the first few chapters of Goblet of Fire twenty-four hours before the other houses.

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common room of hufflepuff - an instrumental mixtape

alexandre desplat the wonder of life the cinematic orchestra arrival of the birds I john cage in a landscape I jeremy soule diagon alley hamburg orchestra scene.vs030-6 string quartet between the bars uzgin uver 19 I the cinematic orchestra dawn john williams hogwarts forever!/the moving stairs elia mastrovito j.s. bach suite no.2 in d minor jeremy soule infirmary music loop inon zur hawke family theme philharmonia orchestra witchwood austin wintory nascence daniel hope echorus I


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88Aug 5th

Are you serious right now

The Hufflepuff common room on Pottermore Playstation Home.

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Belated birthday present <3 #hufflepuffpride

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Reminder that nowhere in the sorting hat does it say that Hufflepuff’s are nice. That Hufflepuff’s are gentle. That Hufflepuff do things calmly.

But is does say in the books that Helga Hufflepuff fiercely believed in equality. That Hufflepuff’s were second only to Gryffindor in those who stayed behind for the Battle of Hogwarts. That Cedric Diggory kicked butt in the Tournament challenges.

Hufflepuff’s aren’t the kind of people who will pretend the world is a happy place when it’s not. Hufflepuffs are the kind of people who will be rioting on the street when injustice is shown, and if you get in the way you’ll get to see first hand that Nymphadora Tonks isn’t the only Hufflepuff who knows how to fight.

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We don't shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends, and our families against all-comers. Nobody intimidates us.

Welcome to FuckYeahHufflepuff! Dispelling myths and stereotypes, admiring our fellow 'Puffs, and having midnight feasts in the common room are what we do best. From Zacharias Smith to Cedric Diggory, this tumblr is here to celebrate a house as diverse as Tonks' hair colours!

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